You are a little fish with a big appetite and dreams. So you eat. And eat. Till eventually, you Grow. From a cramped jar to the open sea, play the adventure mode to explore different habitats. Collect coins to upgrade power-ups in the shop, then test your skills in survival mode, where endless hours of replay and online leader board awaits.

Humble Bundle


  • 78 levels with 7 stunning environments
  • 7 endless survival levels with global leader board
  • Supports Left/Right handed control options
  • Six types of enemies with unique behaviors
  • Two difficulty modes, Normal and Advanced, with their own star rankings
  • Three control options: tilt, virtual joystick, and touch-and-move
  • Five unique power-ups with 17 upgrades to unlock


What others say about Grow

"4.5/5 Grow is massively addictive."

"5/5 What an awesome game."

"Grow is a fun, casual time-killer that anyone can enjoy."

"Extremely addictive. I found myself compelled to push on, wanting to see the next stage and watch my fish grow."

"[Grow] is a unique and enjoyable ride that's worth returning to once its done."

Ranked Top Ten Paid Game on Google Play.

Featured on the Android Market.

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